Our overall mission is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and to help them to grow to maturity in Christ. To achieve this, our adult ministries are key in building community at St James: We aim to get people connected to the church and each other. Our ministries and events provide opportunities for new fellowship to begin and existing community to be strengthened.

Seniors Ministry (Super Sixties)

Our Seniors Ministry provides an informal fellowship for those who are retired and in their latter years in life.  Through this dynamic ministry, seniors can share common experiences and encourage one another in good times and in difficult times.  Our seniors have lots of fun together with regular social events that include outings and fellowship groups.  The group also has monthly meetings that focus on devotion and discussion - a wonderful time spent around God's word while building relationships.

Men's Partnership

Our mission statement is "to encourage men to live for Christ" by regular fellowship around a Friday morning breakfast, God’s Word, Prayer…

Statistics show that 90% of the time when a man is converted and carefully discipled, his family (wife and kids) follows his lead. Our goal at St James Men's Partnership is to reach as many men as possible and to help them reach other men for Christ; draw them into the Partnership and, from there, help them to get involved in the life of our local church, St James.

We meet every Friday morning at 06h00 for prayer - to pray specifically about men's issues. Then we enjoy a cooked breakfast at 06h30, followed by a short talk (about 10 minutes) after which we chat about what we've heard. We aim to finish at 7:30

Our vision and prayer is that the LORD will help us as men to be very intentional about making disciples who will make disciples


Women’s Ministry

What is it and who is it for?

One of our goals as a church is to “present everyone mature in Christ Jesus” (Col.1:28) and the Women’s ministry comes under this broader goal too.

There are several strands to fulfilling this. We seek to create opportunities where women will hear the truths about what the Lord Jesus claims about Himself. We then use various teaching opportunities to study the Bible and we highlight where women can work out their relationship with the Lord Jesus as they serve each other as well as the wider church family.

The structures in place are:

Tuesdays: Coffee Morning (meets in the DG Mill’s hall, 10 -11.30 am; with a crèche available)

Wednesdays: Coffee Evening (meets in room 1 in the Children’s centre, 7.30-8.30 pm)

Women sit around tables in ‘care’ groups where it is possible to get to know each other and to develop a sense of community. Much fun, support and mutual encouragement happens. We follow the overall church bible study program. Ladies have tea & coffee, prepare for the day’s session; discuss what they have discovered and then there is a wrap-up talk, pulling it all together. These groups run according to the school terms and are open to any women who would like to come.

A further opportunity to meet our goals is our Monthly breakfast  - Saturdays, 7.30-8.30.am (monthly, as far as the calendar of public and school holidays allow!). We have a 3-course breakfast followed by a half hour talk on various topics pertinent to helping us function as Christian women.

Annually we have a Woman-2–Woman Fellowship Day where we have challenging Bible teaching in the context of a day, designed to give us un-hurried time to mingle, do some relaxing activities as well tackle some practical areas of life.

Every mix of ladies represents a great diversity of needs and by blending teaching, evangelism and pastoral application we try (under God) to meet some of these.

Women are part of the broader church and there are many opportunities in which to serve. Children’s church; being on a tea roster; the welcome desk; ushering; meeting one-to-one; being part of the prayer ministry; being part of a home group; creative friends; technical support….tell us of your availability and we will be delighted to point you to where you can be involved.

Info: Alison Eloff and the Women’s Board ( )  

Coffee Shop Ministry

Mmmmm!  Have you enjoyed a delicious muffin in our Coffee Shop after the Sunday service? Or, in winter, a steaming bowl of soup before you brave the Cape Town weather outside . . . ? Once we've been fed by God's word, St Jimmians head for the Coffee Shop upstairs, and we thank the Lord for it because it is a useful facility indeed! Many an after-the-service, in-depth conversation has been held here, and many a new friendship has been forged over a slice of something yummy and nourishing!

The Coffee Shop Ministry is run by a small group of full-time staff members, but relies heavily on volunteers to wash up, serve tables, assist at small functions, donate cakes, equipment and funds, lay tables, collect goods, clean and tidy venues after use, and so on.

St James benefits from this vital ministry in many ways, as it does so much more. The Coffee Shop ministry also provides a morning brunch before and after the Sunday 10am service, enables other ministries the use of a catering and function facility for small groups of people, and controls Tea Ministry stock requirements.

Music Ministry

Our aim is to bring glory to God through the music and worship at St James. If you share this desire then there are many opportunities for service in music at our church. We have vocal and instrumental groups, as well as the bands that lead the worship at normal services. If you play an orchestral instrument we’d also love to have you involved. We also need keyboard players and organists – if you have a musical skill, we can use you!

Musicians need to have reached a good standard of playing (minimum standard grade 7 Unisa/grade 8 ABRSM) and if you’re a singer, you must be able to sing on pitch and in parts where required. We want to do everything to a high standard, as service fitting the King of kings. You also need to be willing to commit to regular rehearsals.

Throughout the year there are several special events that take place in addition to the regular Sunday services. If you’d like to get involved, contact the Church Office   for more information.

AV Ministry

If you are a passionate techy and want to use your gift for the glory of God, consider joining us. We use a 24-channel Stagecraft mixer and have JBL speakers to provide us with the ability to serve well those on stage, in both spoken word and music. We are also responsible for the feed to the audio and video recordings, and support the musicians in rehearsal. In particular if you have skills as an audio engineer, we’d love to have you come and talk to us. Our sound team leader is Gerhard .

Video & Multimedia
We are currently developing our video ministry, so watch this space! If you have experience as a cameraman or video editor or graphic designer, get in touch with us as we will have a role for you. We also need people who want to develop their skills in live video mixing and so on. We also need PC geeks to run the computers during the Sunday services. This involves making sure that the right thing is on the screen at the right time. It can be pressured, but it’s always rewarding.

At the moment we are still upgrading our hardware, but anyone who has experience as a lighting designer or operator, or has been involved in stage lighting in any form, please get in touch now so that we can put the right people in place when we are ready. In the meantime, please contact Gerhard:  for more information.

Hiking Ministry

The Hiking Ministry aims to use the beauty of the Cape Peninsula Mountain as a meeting place for a multi-purpose outdoor ministry.  Groups are led by experienced hikers, and can be enjoyed by all age groups.  Hikes take place on the afternoon of the second Sunday of each month and there is also a programme of weekend trails that would appeal to the more experienced hiker.

An experienced person will be in charge of each hike and the team request that all hikers respect the rules of the mountain. The Sunday hikes are suitable for most persons, but you should check with the leader of the group if you are unsure of a "hard" rating.

 Some ground rules:

  • Regrettably NO dogs are permitted on our hikes.
  • Please wear suitable hiking boots or trainers.  Don't wear smooth soled “takkies” as these could cause you to slip on steep inclines.
  • Children are most welcome, but must be suitably dressed (no “flip flops”).
  • Always, always, always carry water and a warm jacket or top with you on every hike, no matter what the weather is like at the start. 
  • The hike leader may refuse participation in a hike to any hiker who is not properly equipped with adequate clothing and footwear or does not have a supply of drinking water.
  • Please bring a small packed lunch to enjoy at the halfway point.

Fresh tea and sumptuous cakes are served at the end of each hike . . . we reward our survivors!!!!  We want you to feel part of the group and to enjoy yourself. We have also joined a hiking network. For more info www.christianhikingnetwork.com .

Stewarding Ministry

Stewards are vital. They interact with those attending the church by welcoming people at the door and ushering them to their seats, if required.  They are also responsible for taking up the collection and serving communion.

Traffic and Medical Ministry

The Traffic and Medical Ministry involves men in the congregation who keep watch and report any suspicious activity during Sunday and Wednesday meetings. These men maintain a presence on the church premises, while in constant contact with the control room in the main church.  They also assist in directing the flow of traffic and the parking around the St James premises. 

A voluntary medical team is also available to assist in the event of an emergency.