What we are on about

Youth at St James exists for one reason: We believe that since Jesus is alive, He has the power to restore our broken relationship with God. We reckon that’s about the best thing in the world! And because the Bible is our access point to God and His Son Jesus, we are pretty serious about getting to know it better so we can live lives that honour and please our great God.

 For the regulars, we want to do this by:

  • weekly fellowship (meet together around God’s word);
  • constant discipleship (growing in our faith); and
  • evangelism (telling others about Jesus with our lips and through our lives).

And if this is all new to you, we would love to have you along so you can experience this for the first time!

What is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who has put their trust in Jesus to bring peace between him or her and God. Christians believe that 2000 years ago, Jesus stood in their place to receive what their rebellion against God deserved, death. Now they are free to live life the way God intended – under His rule and in obedience to His word. Christians aren’t perfect, but because they now belong to God, they can choose to say no to the old life of sin. At Junior and Senior Youth we encourage each other to do this week by week!

 2011 Junior Youth Logo






 Junior Youth

If you’re in Grades 8 to 9, Junior Youth is where you want to be. Come and join us on Sunday morning as we discover what being a Christian is all about, from the Bible. With all the games, singing, skits, prayer and fun, you’ll never look back!

2011 Youth Pic 2
When: Sunday Morning
Where: Room 4 Children’s Centre (top floor)
What time: 10am-11.15am (while all the big people are in church)

While Sunday is the time for our big group meetings, Fridays are small group night. Our small groups are the engine room
of Junior Youth. They help make the big group nice and cosy. Wanna know when and where your groups meet? Drop us an email and we’ll hook you up!


Senior Youth2011 The Hub Logo

Senior Youth is for the business end of high school. Anyone in Grade 10 to 12 is welcome! We meet to get to know God better and to take Him seriously in everything we do. 

Senior Youth meets on Friday nights from 6:30pm – 9pm. The first half is ‘The Hub’; that’s our big group meeting. Small groups follow to wrap up the night.

On Sunday night we hook up again for Church @ 7. In case you were wondering, that’s at 7pm.

 2011 Youth Pic 1Camps

Summer Camp for JY is at Rocklands Adventure Centre (with the baboons) and Summer camp for SY is down at Water's Edge in Simonstown (with the penguins).  These camps normally pop up in February and March, but keep your eyes open for camp forms at the start of the year.

Winter Camp is usually in September (even though it’s not usually that cold). Again there is one for JY and one for SY. The JY Camp is in Noordhoek, the SY camp is locked in for Mizpah. These camps have legend status. It’s hard for me to express it in words. Actually, there are tears of joy making my keyboard slippery. Just make sure you are there.

We finish the year with a bang as we head out for Crossword! After a decade of youth groups making the December exodus to Stellenbosch, chances are you will know someone who has been before. So don’t miss the boat! It could change your life.


Cutting Edge Youth Rallies

Once a term, we get together with youth groups from all over for a Cutting Edge Youth Rally. It’s like Junior or Senior Youth on a Sunday except it’s big. Really big. I’m talking like 400 people big. And it is a great time. Come join us to find out when the next one is on!


Parent Spot

Dear Parents,

Thanks for stopping by!

It’s important to us that you know that in both our youth groups we seek to work in partnership with families. Primary responsibility for the kids at St James Youth has been entrusted to you, their parents. What we can offer are 2 great groups where the good news of Jesus Christ can be communicated in a way relevant for teenagers by well trained leaders. We hope this will be a great assistance to you in your task.

We are always keen to be available for you whenever we can. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact details if there is any information you require, questions you have, or help you need.

The easiest way for us to stay in touch is via email. If you don't receive emails from us make sure you drop us a line.



Here is some ‘must know’ info about confirmation at St James. Please contact us if you have any questions.


To be confirmed at St James you must:


Be in grade 11 (or older). Why?

Confirmation is a public confession of faith which is done before God and your church family. It is therefore not to be entered into lightly and our experience is that grade 11 is the earliest that you can make that decision responsibly.


Have been attending Youth (or Young Adults) at St James for at least 6 months. Why?

Confirmation is a local church family event, therefore we confirm teenagers who have made St James their spiritual home. When you are confirmed you make a promise to continue in bible reading, prayer and fellowship, and we as a local church make a promise to encourage and support you in this endeavour. We can only do this if you are a regular here at St James.


Be a Christian. Why?

Getting confirmed doesn’t make you a Christian. It is a public declaration of the fact that you have already asked Jesus to forgive your sins and are seeking to live under His rule. To make the confirmation vows without first being truly converted is to deceive the St James family, to deceive yourself, and (far more seriously) to lie to God. 


Confirmation and baptism

Confirmation is so called because it is the opportunity to ‘confirm’ the promises made on your behalf at your infant baptism. In other words, you can now reaffirm those promises made by your parents and claim them publicly as your own.

If you were not baptised as an infant, then instead of getting confirmed, adult baptism is for you.  You can’t really confirm promises that were never made over you as an infant, and since getting baptized as an adult is your public confession of faith it would be redundant to be baptised and then confirmed in the same evening.



Leighton Ronne PhotoLeighton Ronne is our Youth minister and looks after both Junior Youth (Grades 8 & 9) and HUB (Grades 10-12).

Born and bred Cape Town boy who grew up here at St. James. Married to Kirsty and have a daughter, Sadie-Mia (who is already daddy’s girl!). He graduated from George Whitefield Theological College at the end of 2010 and is super excited to be working and sharing his life with teenagers as he teaches them about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

He loves road and trail running, doesn’t eat any red meat or seafood (sorry sushi lovers!) and favourite TV series is ‘House’. He still loves watching cartoons (never to old!), his favourite being Dragon Ball Z.

Contact Details


Leighton Ronne

021 671 7070 (office)

072 840 6717 (cell)