QuaterLife is a ministry at St James targeting people in the Quarterlife age group (24 - 34 years negotiable). Now it is true that we all face different and unique issues as individuals but it's equally true that we face similar issues at similar stages of life. The Quarterlife is one such time. A time full of choices and expectations (your own and those of others) regarding your future. It's a time of transition with numerous options and choices: build a career, get married, try different jobs, travel, continue your studies or start a family. Often this could leave one feeling overwhelmed and even like you're losing control.

The encouraging truth is that the bible speaks to us wherever we might find ourselves, if only we are willing to listen. The gospel presents us, in Jesus, with the opportunity to call God, the creator and sustainer of life, our Father and to entrust our lives into His capable hands to direct and shape us for His glory. The question is, can we trust that God's glory is for our good?

At QuarterLife we are committed to address the very important issues mentioned above but within the context of our relationship with God. We're aiming to do this by meeting together weekly around God's word in homes with a central meeting at church once a month to enjoy a wider fellowship. Within this context we can nurture deep and meaningful relationships that will allow us to "spur one another on toward love and good deeds" (Hebrews 10:24) as we move through this phase of life together. As we share our burdens and joys together in community and make sense of them in the light of scripture, we will clearly see that God's glory is indeed for our good!

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