Bible Study Notes 2013

Second Semester Study Homework (CSG,Home groups, Studies for Women)



Studies in 1 John: Christian Confidence

The question of assurance has been and continues to be a question of the utmost importance for believers in the Lord Jesus. It affects our prayer life, our witness to others, our basic demeanour as believers living in a fallen and often challenging world. While presumption is never appropriate for those who call Jesus Lord, a true confidence in Him and a sense of assurance about our relationship with Him is vitally important for living joyful lives in fellowship with God.

But how can we know that we truly know the Lord? We remain sinners, so how can we possibly have true fellowship with God on a daily basis? And what about the boastful claims we sometimes hear – claims to special knowledge of God that ordinary believers seem to lack? How can we have true assurance and yet remain humble and godly?

It was precisely to answer questions like these and to encourage every true believer in his or her relationship with the Lord that 1 John was written. Join us as we study this important and deeply relevant letter together  

Study Notes:

Study 1: Fellowship with God PDF
Study 2: Walking in the Light PDF
Study 3: Love and Obedience PDF
Study 4: Assurance and Perserverance PDF
Study 5: The Christ is Jesus PDF
Study 6: Born of God PDF
Study 7: Love in Practice PDF
Study 8: Assured Hearts PDF
Study 9: Spiritual Discernment PDF
Study 10: The God of Love PDF
Study 11: The Spirit of faith and love PDF
Study 12: The Victorius Life PDF
Study 13: God's Testimony PDF
Study 14: That you may know.. PDF

Studies in 2 JOHN

Study 1: Truth and Love (Part 1) PDF

Studies in 3 JOHN

Study 1: Truth and Love (Part 2) PDF


Essentials - Study notes

Study 6
- True Worship PDF
Study 5 - Godly generosity PDF
Study 4 - Meeting God's people PDF
Study 3 - Speaking for God PDF
Study 2 - Speaking to God PDF
Study 1 - Listening to God PDF

Ezra & Nehemiah

The books of Ezra & Nehemiah tell the story of Israel’s return to the land from Babylon and the rebuilding of Jerusalem. They are books full of anticipation and hope for the future, but they are also tinged with disappointment.

In studying them we see God’s faithfulness to His promises and are reminded that these promises only find their ultimate fulfilment in the coming of Christ.

1. Study 1: Introduction PDF
2. Study 2: The Promised Return PDF 
3. Study 3: Back in the land PDF 
4. Study 4: The Temple of the Lord PDF
5. Study 5: Opposition PDF
6. Study 6: Ezra's Return PDF
7. Study 7: Conviction and Confession PDF
8. Study 8: Enter Nehemiah PDF
9. Study 9: Nehemiah's Mission PDF
10. Study 10: Rebuilding & Opposition PDF and MAP
11. Study 11: Poverty & Generocity PDF
12. Study 12: Perserverance and Success PDF
13. Study 13: Settlement and Recommitment PDF
14. Study 14: Dedication and Disappointment PDF (FINAL)


Elect Strangers - 1 Peter
Spiritually speaking, the world in which we live today is no different to the world of the first century. It is a world loved by God, yet hostile to God and His people. In this world we are called to live for God’s glory and for the good of others. To do this, we need as Peter says “to stand in the true grace of God”. Join us as we study 1 Peter together and discover what it means to live by grace as resident strangers in the world.

1. Study 1: Introduction PDF
2. Study 2: Chosen People PDF
3. Study 3: A living Hope PDF
4. Study 4: A great Salvation PDF
5. Study 5: A Holy Calling PDF
6. Study 6: The Life-giving Word PDF
7. Study 7: People with Purpose PDF
8. Study 8: Good Lives PDF
9. Study 9: Good Lives (Part 2) PDF
10. Study 10: Called to bless PDF
11. Study 11: Gospel Suffering (Part 1) PDF
12. Study 12: Gospel Suffereing (Part 2) PDF
13. Study 13: Glory to God PDF
14. Study 14: Facing Suffering PDF
15. Study 15: Firm and Steadfast PDF

Full of Promise: Genesis 12-50
1. Study 1: The call of Abram PDF
2. Study 2: Righteous by Faith PDF
3. Study 3: Living with the Promise PDF
4. Study 4: The Promised Son PDF
5. Study 5: The pursuit of blessing PDF
6. Study 6: Departure and Return PDF
7. Study 7: The Dreamer PDF

Beyond Eden: Genesis 1-11
1. Study 1: Introducing Genesis 1-11 PDF
2. Study 2: In the Begining PDF
3. Study 3: The Good Life PDF
4. Study 4: Paradise Lost PDF
5. Study 5: The spread of sin PDF
6. Study 6: Amazing Grace PDF
7. Study 7: The Flood PDF
8. Study 8: From Noah to Abram PDF