Missions Lunch

Last Sunday of the month, 12:00 AM

Coordinator: Kathy Noland, 021-6852197 ( )

Eggs on Toast

The Idea

The “Eggs on Toast” idea was developed by a group of people who often met to have a meal together. A suggestion was made that they forfeit one of their meals in a restaurant and rather meet in one of their homes. They would make a simple meal and collect the money that they would have spent, and use the money to support a missionary.

At St James:

We identified this as an opportunity to develop relationships and use the Sunday afternoon lunch to have fellowship in various homes give the church family an opportunity to meet someone new. We enjoy lunch together and there would be a short period in which we hear about God’s work in the various parts of the world.

A typical “Eggs on Toast” lunch

Starts at 12h30 and normally ends at 15h00 for the latest. Once we’ve eaten, the feedback session starts and we normally have a short time of prayer together. Everyone gives a small donation towards their meal, which is given to the church so that it can be used for mission work.


Please be on the lookout for our next lunch together and take the opportunity to hear about God’s work throughout the world, and experience the joy of building our church community in love.

For further info contact the Church Office 021 6717070


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