CSG, Coffee Evening & Home Groups

CSG, Coffee Evening & Home Groups

Every Wednesday, from 01/27/2016 to 03/16/2016, 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

Location: DG Mills Hall, 114 Third Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape Town ZA 7800

Coordinator: Mervyn Eloff ( )

Do join us at either CSG (Central Small Groups), Home Groups or Coffee Evening (study for women)

The Matthias Media material we will be looking at over the next six weeks.

Six Steps to Encouragement: “God has given every Christian an enormous privilege and gift: the power to speak His life-changing Word into the lives of other people. There's no reason at all for there to be 'passengers' in a church: every Christian can change the lives of those around them through knowing and telling the message of God's grace, whether in front of a group, in a handwritten note, in a one-to-one conversation over morning tea, or in a thousand other ways. Every Christian can be a channel of encouragement. In Six Steps to Encouragement you'll learn the why and how of personal encouragement. Through video input, Bible study, practical examples, discussions and hands-on exercises, you'll discover how to bring life, hope and strength to those around you by bringing the powerful Word of God to them. You'll also work through practical case studies such as welcoming newcomers, listening, rebuking, and dealing with suffering.”


Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions we cannot make the material available for download. Please contact the Church office  if you need further information.



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