Connect 2017

Throughout our CONNECT initiative we have been focussed upon four key objectives:

Working “Together – for everyone - for Christ” we want to

  • Reach out to our immediate neighbourhood and to our city
  • Build up believers into wholehearted disciples of Jesus
  • Train and Equip believers to be effective witnesses and servants of Christ
  • Resource Gospel work in partnership with others

During CONNECT 2017 our focus is particularly upon the outreach element of CONNECT. We are thus praying and working for gospel growth and the salvation of people of all ages both within our neighbourhood and across our city.

As part of CONNECT 2017 we want to:-

  • Apply the training we have been doing over the past few years and mobilise every believer at St James into a disciple making disciple
  • Welcome new believers into the Christian family at St James and help them to grow in their faith, equipping them with Christian Life skills so that they may glorify God in every aspect of their daily lives
  • Disciple these new believers so that they can become effective and consistent in their witness to others who though created in God’s image remain ignorant of His love.
  • Ensure that each of us is growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus so that we may be well equipped to give a reason for the hope we share, making the most of every opportunity
  • Become a community of prayer, truth and love so that others may be attracted to the gospel we preach and to the Lord we serve.
  • Launch a number of new initiatives designed to help us fulfil the objectives of REACH 500


When we launched our CONNECT initiative in 2014, we spoke about the importance of Conviction, Character and Competence. At the heart of the rediscovery of the Bible’s theology, the Reformation highlighted 5 key convictions:

  • Salvation is by God’s grace alone and not based on human merit
  • Salvation is by faith alone and not by our own works
  • Salvation is found in Christ alone and not in the church or in human religion
  • The way of salvation is found in Scripture alone not in human wisdom or tradition
  • Our salvation is to the glory of God alone for it is He and He alone who saves

It is with these key convictions as our foundation that we launch CONNECT 2017, praying that the Lord will indeed bring glory to Himself by graciously saving 500 new people through faith in the Lord Jesus as each of us shares the gospel with those whom the Lord brings across our path