Connect 2016

Mind – Heart – Life

Two years ago, we launched CONNECT, a five year plan designed to enable St James as a gospel community to play our part in God’s mission to His world.

Through Connect, we committed ourselves to work together, for everyone, for Christ, so that we can introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and help them grow to maturity in Christ. We committed ourselves to grow in our conviction about God’s truth, to grow in character as God’s children, to grow in our competence to serve as His ambassadors to a lost world and as encouragers of one another. We committed ourselves to sharing life with others, those within the congregation and those on the outside, engaging with others and inviting them to share the life which we enjoy in Christ. We have prayed, given, learnt and served and by the grace of God we have seen fruit, both in ourselves and within the congregation.

2016 is the key year for CONNECT. Foundations have been laid. Some growth has happened. But now the time has come to prayerfully look to the Lord something really special, something that only He can do! What we are looking for by God’s grace is spiritual revival leading to real and lasting change – change in ourselves as individual believers, change within our congregation as people are saved and continue to grow. Under God we are praying and looking for renewed minds, changed hearts and transformed lives.

MindHeartLife – the key words of CONNECT 2016, words that capture all that CONNECT has stood for thus far, words that give focus to the future. MindHeartLife­ – simple words, but words that speak about real and lasting change. MindHeartLife – words addressed to each one of us as we start a new year, words that remind us of our need to change, words that challenge us to think in ways that honour God, love the things that matter to God and live in a way that brings glory to His great name.

CONNECT 2016 is here! Get connected, stay connected, help others connect!

You can download the intro clip here