Pastoral Care

Finding care when I have a problem…

There are many people available to help. If you have a problem and you need to speak to someone, get in contact with a Bible study leader or one of the ministers at St James. The pastoral staff will do what they can to be of assistance. 


Pastoral Counselling

  • To provide more direct contact between the church and its individual members, thereby building relationships within and between the Church members
  • To be available to members in times of need by offering practical aid and fellowship


Hospital visits

Members from the congregation and pastoral team do regular hospital visits. These visits are not restricted to folk from the congregation but also include those who contact the Church office with special needs. Hospital visits rely entirely on the congregation informing the pastoral team of their hospitalisation.



When there is a death, you need to contact the church office to let the pastoral team know so that they can be of assistance to you and your family. You will also need to contact the office if you require assistance with funeral arrangements.

You will need to book the following:

The venue: Chapel / Church

Musician: Organist / Pianist

Sound: if required

Flowers: Our Floral Praise ministry can assist with these. If you have made outside arrangements, you must arrange to have the church opened.

Payment: as per arrangement