Operation Reachout

Operation Reachout was established in 2001 to bring temporary relief to those in need. It is a ministry by the congregation to the congregation.


Our Beginning

One of our members had a serious accident in 2001, which left her severely injured. As a result, she had to undergo multiple operations. This accident and her inability to work for an extended period of time, left her and her family with mounting medical bills, a major financial crisis and little food on the table. Some concerned friends thought it through and saw a greater need, not only for this family but for other members of our congregation. So they approached a nutritionist to work out a list of basic essential foods needed to feed a family. With the list in hand and much prayer, the ministry began.


Our Progress

When the ministry first started, we received groceries, clothing and money from the congregation on an on-going basis to help those St James members who were going through difficult financial times. The ministry has assisted many families.

In recent times the ministry has changed from giving food parcels to a voucher system. This gives individuals the freedom to purchase specific food items needed. However, any food, household goods, and clothing donations will still be accepted and distributed as needed. These are distributed on an on-going basis to the various organisations we support, such as the Salvation Army, Arise and U-Turn.


Our Support Team

We have a team of skilled folk who have offered their services - an electrician,  plumber, seamstress for sewing curtains and doing alterations, hairdresser, lawyer, handyman, carpenter and others - and who are willing assist on an ad hoc basis.