Bible Study Notes & Materials 2018

Bible Studies 2018 : Term 2

Exodus: The Long Walk to Freedom 

In 1994 the autobiography of Nelson Mandela Long walk to Freedom was published. Given the iconic status of the man and the remarkable story of his life, it is little wonder that the book was an immediate best seller or that even now, 24 years later, it continues to be widely read.

About 3300 years before Nelson Mandela was born, another long walk to freedom took place. The story of this journey from Slavery to the Promised Land is recorded in the book of Exodus, one of the foundational books of Ancient Israel. It is an extraordinary story – a story of a promise kept, a people set free and of a nation formed. But more than that, it is the story of the Living God and His saving work – a gospel story which finds its ultimate fulfilment in the liberation not of one nation, but of people from every tribe and tongue and nation under heaven. As Jesus, the true hero of that long walk to freedom put it: “Everyone who sins is a slave to sin…” but “…if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:34-36).

Join us for mid-week studies as we look at the book of Exodus and think through it application to our lives as followers of Jesus


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