The Inside Scoop

  • Phillip Van Blerk
  • Oct 27, 2017
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)

Another year is almost finished, and we are already planning our budget for next year. We will share this with you early in the new year. The year so far has been full of activities and also saw the very exciting new church planting initiative under Cameron called Red Post. Obviously, all of this requires money and we are always humbled by the Lord’s providence through His people. Below is a summary of our finances up to the end of October: 

                        YTD Actual (R)    YTD Budget (R)      Variance (R)


  Normal giving     5 702 459             6 083 130                   (380 671)

  Donations/other  1 224 247                900 000                     324 247


  Thank Offering        23 264                          0                        23 264


Total Income      6 949 970             6 983 130                     (33 160)


Expenditure        8 349 713             8 736 683                   (386 971)

Net Totals         (1 399 742)          (1 753 553)


The summary shows that we are somewhat behind on our budgeted income for the year. We are grateful to God for the large once off donations that we have received so far but want to appeal to you to continue to give regularly to the Gospel work at St James. Now is also a good time to start thinking about and planning your giving for next year. Should you be new to St James and are unsure about anything related to giving to St James you can always speak to Scott or Mervyn or get my contact details from the Church Office. Thank you very much to those who have switched to giving electronically via EFT, it really helps to stabilise out cash flow as it makes us less dependent on the number of Sundays in a given month. If you are still doing your regular giving during the collection on Sundays, could I ask you to consider switching as well?


Thrive Programme - Rob Booth

Any Christian school leaver should consider Thrive, irrespective of whether their career path is already mapped out or if they are unsure of what to do after school. Thrive aims to provide a foundational gap year tailored to individual needs and gifts, that will be invaluable for the rest of their life as a Christian. We tend towards investing much in our secular education in preparing for employment, and yet spend a meagre amount of time investing in our relationship with God and being equipped for our Christian future that will endure for all eternity.  Thrive seeks to address this inadequacy and provide a platform for our students to “Thrive” - being extended beyond their comfort zones and challenging them to have high expectations.

Thrive is a one year, full time, Bible based program specifically designed to equip matriculants with a mature faith, discernment, critical life skills and practical ministry experience.  Each week contains: Bible training sessions run in a debate format; teaching opportunities through ministry placements; work in underprivileged schools in areas such as Manenberg and Life Skills sessions [including how to run a small business, dealing with insurance, cooking and nutrition, discernment in media interaction, how to understand our emotions, and the role of the judiciary].  This element of the course seeks to be wide in scope but engaging and interactive in content.  We use multimedia to engage our students in their thinking as well as a substantial reading component.  There are educational excursions and we attempt to achieve a mission trip each year which the students themselves are responsible for organising and funding through small business ventures. Each student is also given a mature mentor for the year who meets with them regularly and supports them through this year of growth.

If you would like more information about our Thrive Program 2018 contact Rob Booth - / 021 671 7070.