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  • Mar 1, 2017
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)

Introducing Cameron Shabangu

I was born into a Christian home and grew up going to church. I started my walk with God at a young age. My grandmother got converted and started to share the gospel with me and through these small deposits, the Lord used it to bring me to salvation. I was around nine years old when I began to have a relationship with the Lord.


I went to university and there God re – awakened my passion and desire for him and from then on I served him with everything within me. After I graduated from university I decided to invest the best part of my youth to him and His mission by working full time for my church at the time, Melville Union Church. In the course of a couple of years I saw the Lord’s work in my life and my ministry, I felt a call to full time ministry and it was then I decide to come down to Cape Town to study at GWC to get theologically trained for full time ministry.


My desire is to pursue church planting. I would like to plant a church that plants other churches. Through St James Church, we seek to plant a student church that seeks to reach out to those in and around the University of Cape Town campus. Our prayer is that this plant will not only grow itself but will create numerous congregations across our city. Our vision is for the church to be a Gospel centered, multi-ethnic student church which is innovative in reaching young adults with the Gospel.


We are starting a core group meeting for the student church plant on Sundays. The aim of this group is to seek to develop a a core congregational group to plant in the next few weeks. We meet every Sunday at 4pm upstairs in the Rector’s Lounge at St James. Please pray for us and spread the word about a new student church available to the Campus. If you are a university student yourself, why not come and join us to find out more about this exciting venture.