Ministry Focus - Where to serve

  • Scott Tubman
  • Mar 1, 2017
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)
Ministry Focus - Where to Serve


Our mission is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and to help them to grow to maturity in Christ. One of the ways we achieve this is to invite Christians to serve in and through the St James community. By matching gifts and personalities to opportunities to serve, we connect with each other as well as our neighbouring communities. The more we serve the more we grow!


From the early church in the Book of Acts, Christians have always been known as stewards of both God’s church and the community around them. The reason for this is that the Gospel changes people’s hearts and creates a radical new identity. This identity frees us from self-absorption and leads us to accept and serve people we once excluded. God’s grace moves us to serve others irrespective of their merits just as Christ served us irrespective of ours. Therefore, we endeavor to sacrificially serve our neighbours in our community as well as our brothers and sisters, out of grateful joy and love for the glory of God.


Below are a few opportunities and areas to serve:


Medical, Fire & Safety

We are looking for a voluntary medical team, such as first aiders, nurses, paramedics and doctors, available to assist in the event of an emergency during Sunday services. Safety Officers are also needed to assist in case of evacuation. We will need you to be available once a month on a roster basis.


Visiting & Care

Visit those from our congregation who are ill or not able to regularly attend church on Sundays, assist the elderly or sick with meals and chores as needed. We also have an urgent need for folk to assist with lifts to doctors and hospital appointments.



Help serve and prepare tea/coffee for events and after Sunday services. The conversations these cups of coffee begin form a vital part of our church meetings. We have different teams for both the morning and evening services. We will need you to join a team who will serve once a month throughout the year and at the occasional adhoc event. We also have a specific team for funerals which take place during the week.



Parking marshalls assist in directing the flow of traffic and the parking around the St James campus. We also maintain a presence on the church campus, while remaining in constant contact with the control room in the main church. We will need you about once an month on a roster basis.


St James Educational Trust

St James Educational Trust was established to assist this country's previously disadvantaged communities through official education institutions. We are involved with assisting classroom teachers with reading & numeracy as well as extra murals.


If you would like further information regarding any of these opportunities, and others not listed above, then please contact Jean Machill at the Church office in the week on 021 671 7070 or email