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  • Jun 7, 2018
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)

St James is turning 50!

St James is turning 50 this year and as part of our celebrations we would like to make a pictorial history presentation. So, if you have been part of our church family for a long long time or even for just a short time, we are hoping you would be willing to share some of your photo memories with us. 

What to do:

  1. We are looking to expand our collection of photo memories of camps, events, services, people, even buildings. In order to do this we need to ask if you could search your archives, past or present, and send us some of your photos.
  2. They can be either in digital format or actual photos, which we will scan and return to you, so you will need to label them with both your name and contact details.
  3. We know that not everyone would like to have their faces in a public space, so as far as possible we would need you to check that it would be okay for us to publish material which contains pics of the people in the photo.
  4. If you could also write a brief description of the event, including the year in which it took place, and as far as possible, who is in the picture. (not a problem if you can’t remember their names)
  5. You can drop off photos at the Church Office in the week (8.30am-4pm), or you can send them via email to , or alternatively you can simply DropBox them to us.

For more information contact Jean Machill at the Church Office on  021 671 7070 or .


For our Kids Holiday Club

we are looking for:

  1. Paper Towel Inners - The cardboard tube inside the roll. We need many of them.
  2. Paint - poster or PVA Dark blue or black paint.
  3. Sparkly silver foil paper.

Contact: Jenni Galloway -