Connect and Serve in Audiovisual Ministry

  • Gerhard Bothma
  • May 28, 2017
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)

Connect and Serve in Audiovisual Ministry

Our mission is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and to help them to grow to maturity in Christ. One of the ways we achieve this is to invite Christians to serve in and through the St James community. By matching gifts and personalities to opportunities to serve, we connect with each other as well as our neighbouring communities. The more we serve the more we grow! One great opportunity to serve is within our Audiovisual Ministry. Listed below are a number of areas where some additional volunteers are needed to serve.

Camera Operators

On Sunday mornings, we need volunteers to man the camera which sends picture to the Chapel and to First Steps. Not too technically complex a task but very important one. You would need to have an eye for composition and then it’s pretty much point and shoot.


At both the Sunday morning services the folk on the sound desk need assistance so that they don’t have to run between the sound desk and the lighting board to adjust the lights during the service. It’s not very technical as it’s all pre-set.


Currently we only have three people involved with mixing and sound production on Sundays and at events. The team can do with some more help. This role not only requires an ear for sound production but has a large technical aspect to it as we use a digital desk. Also, it would help to have good problem solving skills.

Overhead Board Operators

As we move further away from print media we need to add to our team who operates the overhead board for words, news and information. It’s an easy task and knowledge of Apple iPad is an advantage as our system is Apple driven. Operators are needed on a Sunday as well as for a Tuesday music rehearsal.

Recording Teams

CD recording and duplicating require some technical skill is needed as the person involved will have a small sound desk to run, but this is easily learnt. People are needed for both Sunday morning and evening services.

Sales Counter Duty

In order for folk to purchase CDs after the 10am or 6.30pm services we need a team to man a “sales desk” in the foyer. Not much admin is required and probably the main skill required is a warm friendly smile.

All of the above roles operate on a roster basis so you won’t be ‘on duty’ every week. If you are innterested in being part of this dynamic team please contact either Gerhard ( ) or Rob ( )