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Dear Friend

Welcome to St James Church! We are delighted that you chose to visit us and would like to do everything possible to help you to understand the message of Jesus Christ and to grow in your relationship with Him.

At St James, we believe that spiritual growth happens by studying God’s Word together and by serving one another. We are thus committed to truth in community. 


Our theme for Connect 2015 is Share Life. First, we want to be sure that each of us shares the Life that God gives to all who trust in Christ.  “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6vs23). Put your faith in Jesus and share life with us!

Second, as a community of believers at St James we want to share life with one another. When we put our trust in Christ, we became members of the family of God. As part of that family we are called to loving relationships, to grow together and to serve together. We cannot grow in isolation and we cannot serve in isolation. As a member of the family, share life with us – join us on Sundays, be part of a midweek group, get to know others at church, find out how you can serve and encourage. Christianity is not a spectator sport – be involved and share life with us! 

Third, let us remember that the life we share is for sharing with others. As believers in Christ, it is our great privilege and responsibility to hold out the gift of life to those who do not yet have it. Point others to Christ that they too may share Life!

Connect 2015 is here, so stay connected and help others connect as we share life!

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If you would like to chat to someone about getting connected and plugged into the life and ministry of St James, please contact Sharon Ruthenberg on

Sincerely in Christ

Mervyn Eloff